St. John’s Rest & Care Centre

St. John’s Rest & day Care Centre

The St John’s Rest and Day Care Centre are located on the grounds of Knock Shrine, nestled between Knock Basilica and the north car park.

A shuttle bus service also operates on the grounds of Knock Shrine and pilgrims can avail of this service between St John’s Rest and Day Care Centre, the Chapel of Reconciliation and other locations.

Our opening hours are as follows

•  Peak- season (April to October) – open 10am to 5pm approx. seven days per week and
•  Off-peak season (Nov to March) – open 10am to 5pm approx. Mon to Fri.

Our centre can accommodate

•  Large or small groups (e.g.) tour bus / school tours/ nursing home groups etc.
•  elderly or infirm pilgrims,
•  special need pilgrims
•  Families and children.

What we do

We are a fully wheelchair accessible venue with an on-site Emergency Medical Technician,  a local doctor is also available for emergency calls. For pilgrims that feel unwell or need to rest, our centre has a first aid room and suitable facilities for pilgrims to use.

Mobility Assistance

Any pilgrim, wishing to hire a wheelchair, can book in advance or request on the day, the use of a wheelchair from our centre, during our opening hours:  10 to 5pm approx. It is best to book a wheelchair in advance, so as to ensure its availability, at the time of your arrival in Knock. Our wheelchair hire is convenient, with wheelchair parking right outside our centre.


The St John’s Centre has a large seating and dining area, where pilgrims can rest, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Knock. It is advisable (especially for large groups) to book the hall in advance, so that adequate seating can be reserved for your group, especially during the peak season.

Meet & Chat

St John’s Rest and Day Care Centre, is an ideal meeting place, as it is centrally located on the grounds of Knock Shrine and is close to the north car park, where most buses arrive and depart from. While in St John’s Centre pilgrims can purchase tea/coffee and light refreshments from our staff. Snacks and cold drinks are also available from vending machines in our hall.

Children & Baby Change Facilities

For parents, it is a safe and well secured area, where children are in full view of their parents at all times. Parents with very small children, can take their time to feed their babies and avail of the baby changing facilities. Our centre is sufficiently spacious to allow for ease, in pushing buggy’s or prams and young children can enjoy a relaxed warm environment, especially on a cold wet day.

All staff in St John’s Rest and Day Care Centre are happy to lend a helping hand or assist pilgrims to ensure that your stay in Knock Shrine is a memorable and relaxed experience.

Free Shuttle Service

Knock Shrine operates a complimentary shuttle service. This service is available to all pilgrims visiting the Shrine and runs every day throughout the pilgrimage season and at weekends during the winter.

This service can be requested at any of the buildings within the grounds- just ask a member of staff who will be happy to assist you.


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