Witness to Hope

Witness to Hope is an extensive renewal initiative underway now at Ireland’s National Marian Shrine, Knock, Co. Mayo.

Launched in 2014, after much prayer and consultation with Catholics at home and abroad, this project has three core priorities.

Renewing our Faith

Enhancing our Shrine

Providing new opportunities for visitors and pilgrims to explore, strengthen and deepen their faith Refurbishing the Basilica of Our Lady as a prayerful, warm and Sacred space in which to celebrate faith

Sharing our Story

Reaching out to people in even greater numbers, across Ireland and around the world

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Renewing our Faith

Thanks to the continued support, generosity and prayers of pilgrims and parishioners across Ireland, and internationally, we have made great progress and celebrated some significant milestones since launching our renewal initiative.

In 2015 and 2016, we launched a new series of faith renewal events, providing pilgrims with a broad range of opportunities to explore and deepen their faith. New events include:

  • Talks, workshops, seminars
  • A national, weekend-long faith festival
  • Youth events and camps
  • Concerts of praise and worship
  • A new family ministry programme
  • Training days for parish councils and pastoral workers
  • Day-long and multi-day retreats for spiritual renewal

Enhancing our Shrine

The Basilica of Our Lady of Knock is being refurbished and enhanced to provide a warm and welcoming space for all pilgrims and visitors to experience a sense of unity in worship.

This historic Basilica is the largest ecclesiastical building in Ireland and was elevated to the status of Basilica by St John Paul II during the Papal Pilgrimage to Knock in 1979. Now 40 years old, the Basilica required extensive renovation to cater to the needs of modern pilgrims, who travel to this special Shrine in their hundreds of thousands each year.

Works included replacement of all seating; upgrading of entrances; provision of a new Sanctuary to provide more appropriately for the celebration of the Eucharist; a new Blessed Sacrament Chapel, providing a quiet place for prayer and reflection; new heating and lighting; and some structural works

Sharing our Story

Visited by over one million people each year, Knock is one of the most important Marian Shrines in the world. Now, we believe we can reach out to people in even greater numbers to encourage them to come and experience this special Shrine and the unique sense of healing, peace and renewal which so many find here.

To do this, we are:

    • Expanding our communications
    • Updating our promotional materials to share the message of Knock and the Apparition with more and more people around the world
    • Developing a new DVD to encourage people to visit Knock
    • Strenghtening our pilgrimage offering to make Knock a hub for multi-day pilgrimages and spiritual travel to the western region
    • Working to increase our US visitors by buildings on the success of our recent historic first chartered pilgrimage flights from Boston and New York
    • Exploring new media channels to act as ambassadors for Christ

Video: Knock Shrine on Irish TV

Friends of the Basilica 

We have been blessed by the continued generosity of pilgrims and friends of Knock Shrine, in Ireland and around the world. We thank you for your support for Witness to Hope, which is helping to preserve and enhance Knock Shrine for current and future generations.

We respectfully ask our visitors to consider making a gift, at an appropriate level for you. You may want to consider becoming a Friend, Benefactor or Patron of the Basilica of Our Lady of Knock. 

All gifts, at all levels, will make a difference and are greatly appreciated. Friends, Benefactors and Patrons of the Basilica of Our of Knock can also make a monthly gift, which has a huge impact in helping to achieve the aims of Witness to Hope.

In recognition of your commitment and support, we would like to honour our Friends, Benefactors and Patrons by memorialising your name, your family name, or the name of a loved one, within the Basilica of Our Lady of Knock.

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Example of gift levels for Friends, Benefactors and Patrons

Friend of the Basilica
€12.50 monthly €150  annually *Total gift €750 
Basilica Chair Benefactor €25 monthly €300 annually Total gift €1,500 
Concelebrant Chair Benefactor €50 monthly €600 annually Total gift €3,000 
Sanctuary Patron €100 monthly €1,200 annually Total gift €6,000 
Choir Patron €166 monthly €2,000 annually Total gift €10,000 

*Total gifts are based on a monthly or annual gift over 5 years

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Contact us

Why not visit the Witness to Hope Centre at Knock Shrine?

WTH-Centre-webLocated adjacent to the Basilica, you can find out more about our renewal initiative and how we plan to ensure a bright and faith-filled future at Knock Shrine.

Telephone: +353 (0) 94 93 75070

Email: witnesstohope@knockshrine.ie

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