Image showing the beautiful mosaic recently installed in Knock Basilica

Basilica Mosaic


Basilica Mosaic – ‘A Beacon of Light and Hope’

“Our eyes are lifted towards this magnificent mosaic as we are drawn into what it depicts – Jesus the Lamb of Sacrifice, the cross by which He redeemed us, the altar of the Eucharist where he makes himself present, his mother whom he has given to us on Calvary, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist and the choirs of angels. It is difficult to find a language which would capture the beauty and magnificence of what we behold and yet isn’t it just a shadow of the reality which those 15 people looked upon on that August evening at the gable end a few yards away.”

Archbishop Michael Neary at the unveiling of the Mosaic, 28th February, 2016


The artistic highlight of Knock Basilica is the spectacular mosaic depicting the Knock Apparition scene of 1879. The mosaic is the largest of its kind in Europe, comprising 1.5 million pieces of individual mosaic tiles. It was crafted in Spilimbergo, Italy by Travisanutto, Artisan Mosaic makers and was deigned here in Ireland by the renowned illustrator, PJ Lynch.

“ I felt I could identify with those Knock villagers who were baffled and awestruck by the Apparition. I tried hard to capture the sense of wonder they must have felt on that wet August evening back in 1879.”

PJ Lynch, Irish Illustrator



The entire mosaic, from commissioning the project to the official unveiling, took more than two years and took over eight months to piece together in Italy before being transported in over 300 sections to Knock. The mosaic is made predominantly (approx 80 %) from Venetian glass smalti (traditional hand-cut mosaic glass). The rest (15%) is natural marble mosaic and the remaining 5% is made of gold smalti (glass and gold leaf). The mosaic at Knock Shrine is a ‘Beacon of Light and Hope for pilgrims’ (Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary) and was developed under ‘Witness to Hope’, a major renewal project at Knock Shrine.

Basilica Mosaic – Traditionally Hand-Crafted in Spillembergo by Artisans

Mosaic Traditionally Crafted

Basilica Mosaic


Watch inspiring time-lapse of Mosaic under construction in the newly refurbished Basilica