Pilgrim Stories – Knock Museum Collection

“My first memory of Knock is of coming here with my grandmother when I was very young. We travelled from Donegal and spent the day in Knock praying! I loved it. Now I come here each year with my own family and find it very peaceful and a place where I can forget all my worries…”

“I have no idea why I wanted to come to Knock or what strong urge brought me here. Now that I am here, I realise I came to find peace, serenity and hope and my visit here has given me these and much more.”

“We came from America to offer up prayers to heal loved ones who suffer from illnesses of both mind and body. We will return to the States carrying the Blessed Holy Water to share with our family and loved ones… ”

“I have visited Knock each year since I was five years old. I am forty-eight now and recently widowed. As in previous visits, in times of grief, I still find Knock consoling and a place where I find peace…”

“My first visit to Knock in 2009 was very inspiring and so very calming to my soul. Although not a Roman Catholic, I feel very blessed each time I come on a visit….”

“Now seventy-two years old and it’s a great privilege and blessing to be here in Knock today. As one of eleven children, I recall so clearly my childhood days coming on a rickety bus from Galway. Memories are all so vivid today….”

“In the Year of Faith I come to Knock from Malaysia. Knock gives me peace and I feel it strengthens me to carry on with perseverance and zeal. Many people have asked me to pray for them and I leave all of their intentions at Our Lady’s feet…”

“On this my first visit to Knock, purely by chance, I am finding the presence of God over-whelming and an amazing sense of peace. As a person in my 40’s who is beginning to rekindle my relationship with God, I have found that my visit to Knock was the extra push that I needed…”

“Knock is a very peaceful place. I came here as a small child when I was eight years of age. I now have three children of my own, two leaving home soon for college. When I got up this morning we decided to go to Knock. It has been a special day for us as a family. I am going home with a clear mind for the future…”

“I am eight and made my First Communion yesterday. It was the 12th of May 2012. I came to Knock to remember Jesus and hope to come back again…”

“This is my first visit to Knock. I came because my 84 year old mother wanted to come so my wife, my sister and I came with her. I was nonplussed at the idea but have been taken completely by surprise by the wondrous peace that engulfs this magical place. This visit has renewed and strengthened my faith. I leave, I hope, a better person.”