Birthday Wishes from Knock


Say Happy Birthday to a friend or loved one with this cheerful card from Knock Shrine.

The beautiful card has a message on the front ‘Birthday Wishes’ and the Prayer to Our Lady of Knock on the back of the card.  The image on the front shows the processional statue of Our lady of Knock.

Inside the card, you can add the name of the person you wish to have enrolled in Knock Shrine Friends Association.

The inside of the card also has ‘The Story of Knock’ description. There is space for the name of person being prayed for (to be specified in the ‘recipient’ box) as well as the person who has requested the card. 

The back of the card contains the ‘Prayer to Our Lady of Knock’. This prayer can be read in full here.

This is a perfect card to send to a loved one anywhere in the world.

Card Dimensions
Width: 11.5 cm
Height: 18.4 cm

Name of person you wish to pray for:

Enter the name of the first recipient. Continue pressing “+ Extra Recipient” to add more recipients. Then press “Add Order to Cart” to proceed.

+ Extra Recipient