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Spiritual Direction

Imagine someone really listening to you, helping you get perspective, pray and decide better about your life.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is best described as listening with one’s heart; a spiritual director can listen beyond the words to help you discover what’s really going on. Trusting in a good listener can help you move and grow, like having a close and reliable friend.

People normally see a spiritual director about once a month for an hour, although shorter weekly meetings may also be an option. Spiritual direction is a space to talk about life and faith, joys and sorrows, to see how well we are living the love that God has given us. Often it involves turning faith into good decisions and choices.

Spiritual Direction is an old tradition in the Church, St. Ignatius Loyola used it very effectively to help people live their faith in new and vibrant ways.

To request an appointment contact: Patricia McCarthy,

All Spiritual Directors are fully trained and certified, and operate under peer supervision.