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Youth Volunteers

Our Volunteer at Knock Shrine programme is for all people aged 16 years and over.

Be a part of our volunteers team

Over 1.4 million people visit Knock Shrine every year from all over the world. It is a special place of prayer and pilgrimage. VAKS is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of these pilgrims who visit. Volunteering at Knock is a great way to meet new people, serve others, express your faith and have fun. Volunteering can add a great deal to your life and to the lives of those you are working with. It is an amazing opportunity to enhance your skillset, share your talents and obtain training in areas such as Child Safeguarding and First Aid.

The cost of the programme is €30. This includes food and accommodation for the weekend and a t-shirt.

You must be registered and trained to participate in the programme.