A Gift From Knock Shrine For The Season Of Creation

These Crocus Bulbs Are No Longer Available

Crocus flowers have a rich symbolism of rebirth, innocence, joy and new beginnings. This Season of Creation, we are delighted to share crocus bulbs from Knock Shrine.
Traditionally, crocus has been equated with joy and cheerfulness, especially yellow crocus. And because of its blooming when you need it, the crocus has been seen by some as a symbol of hope.
During the Novena, crocus bulbs were blessed and given to members of the congregation to link in with the overall Novena theme of ‘Hope’. These same crocus bulbs are now available to those of you  who followed the Novena online and were unable to join with us in-person, allowing you to have the joy and hope that this little flower brings in your own garden, and also as a unique and special reminder of Knock.
The bulbs are being offered free of charge, online only,  however payment for postage is required.
This item can only be shipped within Ireland / Northern Ireland. We are unable to ship this product overseas.
This item is exclusively offered online only and is not available in store at Knock Bookshop. Limited to one pack of bulbs per order.

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