Media Enquiries

Knock Shrine is a beautiful and unique place with an amazing story

Media Enquiries:


All media enquiries should be directed to the communications office at or by telephone at +353 (0) 94 93 75355

Please review list below. This information is required from all film crew/ production companies who are planning on filming in the grounds of Knock Shrine.

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Filming at Knock Shrine


If you are interested in filming at Knock Shrine, notice of at least 2 weeks must be given, where possible.

Please outline the following in your query:

  1. Nature of the filming/recording/photography proposed
  2. Intended audiences and transmissions/usage
  3. Provide names of people you wish to interview (if applicable)
  4. Equipment which will be used
  5. Number of personnel in crew
  6. Date(s) on which it is intended to film/record/photograph
  7. Crew arrival time and the estimated duration of the filming/recording/photography
  8. Contact details of requestor and of a member of the crew who will be on site
  9. If vehicle access or parking is required please provide the make and registration number of the vehicle as well as the driver’s name and phone number – please note only one parking space per crew will be allocated.
  10. Details of current public liability insurance policy.