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Knock Counselling Centre

Knock Counselling Centre provides a wide range of psychotherapeutic Services to Adults and adolescents living in Mayo.

A place of sanctuary

Knock Counselling Centre has a unique location in the grounds of Knock Shrine. The Shrine is a place of sanctuary, reflection and prayer. Knock Counselling Centre welcomes people of all or no faith and respects the beliefs of all who attend the Centre.

Counselling is a talking therapy. Any person can avail of the opportunity to attend to emotional or psychological problems in a supportive and confidential therapeutic environment.


To promote emotional, spiritual and mental well being through the provision of professional counselling services to individuals, couples, families and young people aged 12 to 18 years.

We understand, respect and value Catholic Spirituality. We welcome people of all and/or no religious beliefs.


Supporting individuals and communities to recognise and develop their potential for joyful, courageous and integrated living.


  • Trust in the individual’s capacity for growth and self-actualisation.
  • Respect for the individual’s attending the Centre, our colleagues and the wider community we serve.
  • Integrity in our dealings with our stakeholders and our investors Knock Shrine and Tusla.
  • Inclusion, Respect, compassion and authenticity with the people who attend the Centre irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation or financial circumstances.


We embrace diversity and welcome people from all faiths and none. We create a safe space for all who wish to work through difficult issues and experience a more joyful, integrated way of living.

Our counsellors help clients to address mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, current and/or historical abuse/trauma, family issues, loss, transition, complicated grief, and more.

We work with couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. We support people to understand the source of their distress and to establish more effective ways of living in relation to each other.

We provide a range of therapeutic services for adolescents including counselling for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, difficulties in relationships at home, in school or between peers.

We support the young person to work through whatever issues they are experiencing and to find relief from the distress and to live more satisfying lives.

Knock Counselling Centre provides anger management workshops to people experiencing problem anger.

The workshops occur over weekends or evenings and are offered twice a year.

Details of the upcoming 4 week  Autumn programme are as follows:

Knock Counselling Centre, in conjunction with the Irish Association for Anger Management, are running the popular “Temper your Anger” 4 Evening Anger Management Programme, commencing Thursday 3rd October 2019 . 

The programme will teach participants how to express their anger in a healthy way whilst offering techniques in reducing stress levels.  Participants will also learn to identify their anger triggers and formulate strategies to help them to deal with future conflict.

For bookings, contact  (094) 9375032 or email

KCC provides supervision to Counsellors working in the Western Region.

KCC provides a single session listening service to adults experiencing a wide range of issues. The service is available all year at the following times:

Pilgrimage Season

Thursdays: 10 am – 5 pm

Fridays: 2 pm to 5 pm

Sat & Sun: 11 am – 5pm


Winter Season

Thursdays: 11 am – 3 pm
Fridays: 2 pm-5 pm


The Drop-in listening service offers an opportunity to discuss difficult or challenging life issues in a caring and confidential environment. We appreciate donations for this service.

Knock Counselling Centre is open Monday – Friday from 9.30 am -5.30 pm all year round.

Evening appointments are available on request.

Knock Counselling Centre can be contacted in the strictest confidence by telephone or email:

Tel: (094) 93 75032



We never turn anyone away for financial reasons. However, we are a registered charity and we support ourselves from the money you pay for counselling.

The full fee for counselling is €50 per session.

We offer counselling sessions on a sliding scale, from €30 to €50 per session with a rate of between €20 and €30 per session for those who have a low household income.