About Knock Shrine

Key Places to Visit

Knock Shrine has welcomed visitors and pilgrims since the Apparition of 1879. Discover a unique pilgrimage destination with a rich and engaging history at Ireland's International Eucharistic and Marian Shrine.

Churches at Knock Shrine

There are five churches in the Shrine grounds, each with its own unique and exquisite features. From the Parish Church, built in 1828, to the Basilica constructed to give shelter to the millions that visit here each year, there is a wealth of architectural and decorative features to be enjoyed.

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Grounds and Gardens

For many pilgrims, taking time to walk through the gardens and experience the beauty and peace of the Shrine is an important part of their pilgrimage. The ground and gardens at Knock Shrine are maintained by dedicated team of gardeners, led by a head of horticulture.

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Knock Museum

Knock Museum captures the unique and compelling story of the Knock Apparition of 1879 and tells of the fifteen ordinary people who witnessed this extraordinary event. Follow the story of Knock from its earliest days. See our unique historical model of Knock village as it was on the day of the Apparition.

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