Ignatian Retreat Week

28 July to 04 August 2024

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Support Programmes

Guided Prayer & Spiritual Direction

Knock Prayer Centre is a quiet space where you can relax and pray. A place where you can also experience what it is like to pray with Scripture.

Guided Prayer

Guided Prayer Sessions are held each day during the Pilgrimage Season at the Prayer Centre, located beside the main Mass Enrolment office.

During the Prayer time the focus is on the Word of God. There is quiet time at the beginning in which we relax and come to stillness; this time helps us to become aware of God’s presence with us as we pray. Each session is hosted by a trained Prayer Guide. A passage from Scripture is read. Quiet time is left so that in silence we can listen to God’s Word as he speaks to each one of us. We take time to notice how he is speaking to our hearts.

Each Session lasts for 30 minutes. The Guide may ask for personal prayers or petitions, but there is no pressure on anyone to share unless they wish to do so. What really matters is that each of us is helped to meet the Lord in our own way.

Daily Sessions 

From Monday, June 24th 2024


Monday – Friday
11.15am & 4.15pm in the Prayer Centre and Evening Prayer at 8.45pm in the Apparition Chapel.

Saturday & Sunday

11.15 & 5pm in the Prayer Centre and Evening Prayer at 8.45pm in the Apparition Chapel.


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is available in the Chapel of Reconciliation. Spiritual direction is best described as listening with one’s heart; a spiritual director can listen beyond the words to help you discover what’s really going on. Trusting in a good listener can help you move and grow, like having a close and reliable friend.

People normally see a spiritual director about once a month for an hour, although shorter weekly meetings may also be an option. Spiritual direction is a space to talk about life and faith, joys and sorrows, to see how well we are living the love that God has given us. Often it involves turning faith into good decisions and choices. Spiritual Direction is an old tradition in the Church, St. Ignatius Loyola used it very effectively to help people live their faith in new and vibrant ways.


To request an appointment, enquire at the Prayer Centre or contact us on 086 010 8623 or email: spiritualdirection@knockshrine.ie

All Spiritual Directors are fully trained and certified, and operate under peer supervision.

Spiritual Accompaniment Times

Sessions are available by appointment from 2pm -3pm (Excluding Monday’s) in the Chapel of Reconcilation.
Drop-in Ministry available from 11am-3pm from Friday to Sunday.