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A Warm Welcome To Our Young Volunteers (VAKS)

A Warm Welcome To Our VAKS







Knock Shrine offers a warm, welcoming place for young people.  The uniqueness of the Shrine and its peaceful atmosphere open up the opportunity for them to explore their relationship with God. We extend a very warm welcome to our VAKS – young people, aged 16 to 19 years,  from all over Ireland who give so generously of their time and volunteer here at the Shrine throughout the summer months. The vitality that these young people bring to Knock Shrine inspires hope for the future and assurance of the faith for the next generation.



Each weekend, groups of young people arrive at the The Hub, located in the Shrine grounds, to experience the uniqueness of Knock . This is an opportunity to meet new people, welcome pilgrims, help people who need assistance and participate in ceremonies at the Shrine.



The VAKS ( Volunteer at Knock Shrine) programme is an integral part of Youth Ministry at Knock Shrine. Each volunteer who registers for the VAKS programme participates in a two day training programme, prior to their volunteering weekend in Knock Shrine,  and this programme includes:

  • Communication skills
  • Manual Handling
  • Basic First Aid
  • Child Protection
  • Youth Ministry
  • Team Building
  • Prayer & Reflection
  • Liturgy & Spirituality of Knock Shrine
  • The Story of Knock


If you are aged between 16 and 18 years and are interested in volunteering at Knock Shrine, you will find more information here.