Caring for God’s Creation: Theme for 2023

“God loves and cares for all of creation.”

Matthew 6:25-34  


As we enter another year, we are all conscious of, and praying for positive change in the world.

Caring for the earth is a requirement of our faith and begins with each of us taking personal responsibility for our actions, the way we go about our everyday lives and in having an awareness of the impact that this has on our planet. Responding to the urgent need for change will be at the forefront of our plans for the coming year at Knock Shrine, enhancing aspects of our liturgy throughout the year and offering informative events to help us on the path to ecological conversion and living in harmony with the earth.

We invite everyone to join us on this journey which will be enlightening, supportive and informative. Our events will begin in February and will include talks, screenings, workshops and special days with a focus on the environment. These events will be both spiritual and practical in nature to allow you the time to think deeply about your role as an individual and the various ways to implement changes into everyday life.


We believe in God,
creator of Heaven and earth,
Who set the time of the day and night;
and the passing of the seasons,
Who created the diversity of the planet;
and enabled its abundance.
We believe in Jesus Christ
light of the world,
Who taught us the meaning of good news;
and demonstrated it in action,
Who commanded us to share our bread;
and to drink from the same cup.
We believe in the Holy Spirit
giver of life and renewal,
Who opens up the possibility for change;
and assures us of hope for the future,
Who grants us time to amend our lives;
and unites us in our quest for justice,
peace and the integrity of creation.