‘Comfort On The Journey’ – online vigils this November.

In the month of November, we remember especially our departed loved ones. In these challenging times, their absence in our lives can be even more apparent and the grief that we feel more pronounced.

Join us online each Friday evening during the month of November as we come together virtually for a period of extended prayer and reflection. The theme for the month is ‘Comfort on the journey’ as we draw comfort and peace from knowing that our loved ones now enjoy the light of Heaven.


Friday, November 6th: A Vigil for the Holy Souls

We will remember all those who have died, in this the Month of the Holy Souls


Friday, November 13th: Remembering Our Deceased Parishioners

On this evening, we will remember in particular the deceased members of our own parish, especially those who have died in the past year.


Friday, November 20th: Comfort On The Journey

We gather comfort and strength in our moments of grief, loss and anxiety in these difficult times in this period of prayer and reflection.


Friday, November 27th: Facing The Future

In these challenging times, we come together as we pray for the strength to face the future with faith, hope and courage.


Join us online for Rosary at 7pm, Mass at 7.30pm and Holy Hour at 8pm on our website www.knockshrine.ie