Conservation Work to Apparition Statues

Essential Restoration Works in Progress at the Apparition Chapel

May 20th to 24th inclusive



The statuary  at the Apparition is a representation of the Knock Apparition based on witness accounts. It was commissioned by the Knock Shrine Society in 1960 and carved in Carrara marble by the famous Italian sculptor, Professor Lorenzo Ferri.


Mrs. Judy Coyne, founder of the Knock Shrine Society, interviewed Mary O’ Connell (nee Byrne), witness, several times and fondly recalled ‘I have a clear recollection of Mrs. O’ Connell as she stood by the side-board in her room in order to show me exactly how Our Lady had stood, the way she held her hands, the angle of her head and her lovely upturned eyes’. This information she passed in person to Professor Ferri whom she said was ‘completely enamoured of the account of the Apparition, especially its emphasis on the Mass and was as concerned as we were to reproduce it as perfectly as possible’.

The completed tableau was installed in the Apparition Chapel in 1979 and personally blessed by Pope John Paul II when he came on pilgrimage here for the centenary of the Apparition.

Many millions of pilgrims have prayed and offered petitions at this statuary since then and this year, for the 140th anniversary of the Apparition, the entire statuary is undergoing essential restoration work by Eoghan Daltun, Sculpture Conservator who specialises in Carrara marble.


Please feel free to view the work in progress and to pray in the Chapel while the work is ongoing. There will be no Masses available in the Apparition Chapel during this week.