Counselling Centre: Connections Event

Connections is a programme run by Knock Counselling Centre with the aim of enabling people of all ages from all walks of life to come together to share experiences and engage in activities designed to help ease the transition from “Lockdown Life” to a “New Norm”.

It is aimed at people who have found the last, almost 2 years of restrictions difficult, those who have struggled with isolation, loneliness, anxiety, fears, negativity and stress in these uncertain times .

This programme aims to help people to re-connect with others over a period of 4 weeks in an informal, fun setting and to emerge stronger and more resilient with a toolkit of strategies and techniques to help them to take positive steps forward in their personal lives.

Facilitated by Michael Mc Tigue, Counsellor, Supervisor and Facilitator the programme aims to create a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space for the participants to flourish and grow.

Sessions will be interactive and informal by nature.

Topics explored will include, how lockdown has affected me, positive changes I want to make, positive v’s negative thinking, thoughts, feelings and actions, positive communication skills , stress reduction techniques.

The programme will begin on Tuesday Nov 16th and will run over 4 weeks from 5pm to 7pm each evening.
To book, contact Knock Counselling Centre:

T. (094) 93 93 75032


The course is aimed at people who may have struggled with the isolation, loneliness, anxiety, fear, negativity, and stress of the last 18 months and would like to work on techniques and strategies to help ease back into society, give themselves a positive boost and re-connect with others in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental setting.