COVID 19 UPDATE: May 15th 2020

In line with the roadmap from the HSE / Government and taking into consideration the unique nature of Knock Shrine which could lead to the gathering of too many people together with Garda advice, we will not be opening any of the Chapels in Knock, including the Basilica, at this time. We need to work together personally and collectively to overcome Covid-19 and look forward to better times ahead.

Public Masses are not due to commence, according to the timeline, until July 20th next. We will inform you nearer that time about the exact practicalities involved. In the meantime, please continue to follow us on our website for daily Masses at 12 noon and 7:30pm with Rosary at 7pm. There is a virtual pilgrimage Mass every Sunday at 3pm preceded by Rosary at 2:30pm and followed by Benediction after the Mass. These special Masses acknowledge the groups, dioceses and orders which would normally be here at this time of the year.