Day of Remembrance

The third Sunday of November has been recognised in many European countries for several years as the Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims.

In Resolution A/RES/60/5 adopted in October 2006, the United Nations General Assembly invited Member States and the international community to recognize the third Sunday in November every year as the World Day of Remembrance. As a result, this day is being observed in an increasing number of countries and continents.

Every day, about 3,000 people die and around 100,000 are injured on the world’s roads.

A  special service in Knock shrine will take place at 12 noon  on 17th November in Knock Basilica and members from all the emergency services will attend .

“One of the purposes of these services is to spread awareness. The many persons who lose their lives to a traffic accident is a global issue and these services will reflect that and also to acknowledge the work done by all the emergency services.” – Noel Gibbons, Mayo County Council


Light refreshments will be served afterwards in St. John’s Rest & Care centre.