Day Retreats

Join us at Knock for a series of day retreats, taking place in February, March and April.

Take time out for your self and join us for a day of quiet prayer and reflection. Groups welcome.


‘Quiet Days for Busy People’ Day Retreats

Sat 24th Feb  

‘Do You Really Love Me?’

The need to love and to be loved is an essential part of being human. The experience of love can bring joy, peace and a sense of wellbeing – think of the love between a mother and her child. From our earliest years we have been told that God loves each one of us, do I believe this? Is it something I know in my head or something I know in the depths of my heart?

Sat 24th March

‘Looking towards the Light!’

Each one of us, at some time or another, experience dark times in our lives. As we journey through Holy week towards Easter we see the hurt and shame transformed by the light of God’s love.

Saturday 28th April

‘New Life’

As we look around us we can see how winter has given way to spring, how what looked like death is now bursting with new life. The whole of creation reveals God to us, we just need to slow down and become aware of his presence with us.




Facilitators: Knock Shrine Prayer Guides
Location: Prayer Guidance Centre, Knock Shrine
Time: 11am -3pm
Cost: €30 Includes lunch at Knock House Hotel

These retreats are open to all. Newcomers welcome.