Friday Scripture Group Reflection

Weekly Resources for our Parish & the Community


Friday Scripture Group Reflection
From Knock Parish Scripture Group


The Scripture Group began in St Johns Rest & Care Centre in 2016, shortly after the arrival of Sr Anastasia in Knock Parish.  For benefit of the group, we produced The Faith Pageant which was held in the Basilica in 2017.  The group continued to meet in St Johns Rest & Care until Covid 19 closed Knock Shrine.  Following this, the group then moved to St Mary of The Angels, The Franciscan Convent, Knock.

At this point, Covid made it necessary to look at new developments. With the aid of Fr Tom Taaffe and Breda Johnston, we began producing a weekly video which was sent out via Whatsapp and Email.  We found such “hunger” for these reflections.  Our group began taking responsibility by looking more deeply at Readings/Gospels for each week. From these reflections, our videos were enriched and members volunteered to prepare Reflections and to read the Gospel. This developed the person more in their Christian Living & knowing the Word of God for them.

Our next step was to return to the Parish. We thank our Parish Council & Fr Richard for allowing us to share these weekly Resources with our Parish & the Community at large.

Weekly Reflections will be made available on this page every Friday afternoon. 


Reflection for  Trinity Sunday, June 4th 2023: