Guided prayer sessions at Knock Shrine

Guided prayer sessions continue at Knock Shrine until the end of this week.

All are welcome to go along to the Prayer Guidance Centre for the prayer sessions, hosted by trained prayer guides.

There are three sessions each day in the beautiful Taize room, at 12 noon, 4.15 and 8.15 pm Monday to Friday, and at 12 noon, 5 and 8.15 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

During the prayer time the focus is on the Word of God. The session starts with some quiet time so participants can relax and come to stillness

A passage of scriputre is read and participants can listen to God’s Word in a quiet, prayerful space.

Each sessions lasts 30 minutes. There is no fee for the guided prayer sessions.

The Taize Room, with its beautiful rose window and quiet ambience, is a perfect place to sit and spend some time with the Lord in prayer.

Reflective music and the soft candlelight help to create an atmosphere in which to relax in the Lord’s presence.

The prayer guide may ask for personal prayers or petitions, but there is no pressure on anyone to share unless they wish to do so.

More information on guided prayer at Knock Shrine is available here.