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Knock Museum

A unique and compelling story since 1879.


‘Iconic Representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary with decorative Embroidery by Sheelagh Duff’ 


This special exhibition at Knock Museum will be on display from Saturday 13th August  to October 31st 2022. This exhibition features copies of celebrated paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mainly from the Italian Proto and Early Renaissance periods, that have been embellished with decorative embroidered designs by Sheelagh, an accomplished artist and embroider. Kindly supported by The Heritage Council.

See a video of the exhibition here

Knock Museum is an ideal starting point for your visit to Knock Shrine and a delightful experience for visitors of any age. Here you will discover the unique and fascinating story of Knock – covering 140 years of history – and find out why more than 1 million people make the journey to Knock Shrine each year. Knock Museum is accredited to the Museum Standards Programme of Ireland.

Knock Museum is dedicated to the memory of all pilgrims who have come to Knock since 1879 and in the museum you can listen to personal stories of faith, pilgrimage and devotion to Our Lady of Knock down through the years.

The museum is well laid out and visitors can tour the exhibition with a handheld audio guide (available in 7 languages) which is easy to use and enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Continue your tour afterwards on the outdoor audio trail around the Shrine grounds, which is also ideal for families.

Audio Guides available in seven languages including English, Irish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

Knock Village Model

This stunning three dimensional model depicts Knock village exactly as it was on the 21st of August 1879, the evening of the Apparition. The village recreation is filled with wonderful miniature details. It offers a fascinating insight into village life in Knock and into the historical and social context of the Knock Apparition.

Opening Hours

Knock Museum is open daily from 10am to 6pm and is delighted to offer free admission to all visitors.