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One person’s  story of finding hope and ways of coping with personal trauma through counselling..


Because of a number of adverse influences on my life, especially in my youth, I sought help from Knock Counselling Centre,   and I will always be grateful for the kindness, acceptance and encouragement I received from the counsellor I met with on a weekly basis.


Her approach was always non directive and non-judgemental.  She listened patiently to my unhealthy coping strategies, to the emotions I had buried like shame, anger and guilt, and watched while I learned to reconnect with the ability to shed tears.  Some days were easier than others, but gradually I was able to reconnect with my own inner strength and trust in my abilities.  I became motivated to pursue the hobbies I had only dreamed about, to face challenges that I would have avoided, and to live a happier and more worthwhile life.


The cost of counselling was an important factor also; I contributed what was affordable which made it accessible for me.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Knock Counselling Centre to anybody in need.