Knock Counselling Centre Services Available

The Counselling team at Knock Counselling Centre continue to provide psychotherapeutic services to adults and young people experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties.


The sessions are provided on Zoom or on the telephone. We are grateful for technology that allows us to continue to provide support during these restricted times.

Life throws up challenges at the best of times; however, it is safe to assume that most of us are feeling the weight of this extraordinary situation. Experiences of anxiety, loss, difficult relationships, challenges in family life, low self-esteem, feelings of depression are even more difficult to tolerate in these circumstances. We may feel overwhelmingly lonely or suffocated by lack of freedom.

It helps to talk and connect with another human being, who will commit to supporting you through these difficult times. Real human connection has the potential to soften and lessen the impact of pain and trauma in our lives.

To arrange an appointment please contact Knock Counselling Centre on 094 9375032