Knock House Hotel Opens On Friday, June 25th 2021

The management team of Knock House Hotel were in a very buoyant mood on Friday welcoming back their respective teams in preparation for re-opening on the 25th of June.

Windows are being swung open, the cacophony of hoovers are echoing throughout the corridors and makeshift outdoor lines are airing rugs and mats at a wholesale rate akin to preparations one would normally associate with Stations’ preparations of old.


Senior manager Catherine Culliney shares the sense of excitement and anticipation within the team at the prospect of welcoming guests back after what has been a very difficult time for pilgrims and the team alike.


“We have really missed the energy and aura that is unique to Knock and by extension very much a part of the hotel experience – regular guests are getting in touch, the hotel facilities are all being brought out of hibernation and the team both new and old are all being retrained to meet the new requirements from a Covid perspective in order to keep everyone safe. It truly is a magic time for all concerned.”


Parish Priest of Knock, Father Richard Gibbons joined with the team in expressing his own sense of hope and joy at the prospect of having the hotel welcoming pilgrims back – ” closed doors sit very uncomfortably to the team and I here at Knock – the long history and heritage of welcoming pilgrims to our lady’s shrine is a legacy of which we are very proud and which weighs heavy on us in terms of being responsible for maintaining that tradition. The opening of the hotel is key in this regard and the team have been extraordinarily patient in remaining loyal and committed during the Covid lockdown period – we are truly delighted to welcome them all back and look forward with great hope to the months ahead.”


The hotel re-opens for residing guests on the 25th of June and for bookings for outside guests to dine from July the 5th. For more details, see www.knockhousehotel.ie or phone (094) 93 88088.