Light a Candle at Knock Shrine

Lighting a candle at Knock and taking a few moments to pray for a loved one is a very special and prayerful experience. For those who are unable to come to Knock in person, we invite you to light an online prayer candle.


Those few moments for quiet prayer can become a central part of feeling connected to God, ourselves and to others. This is true, even when those we pray for are no longer with us.

Lighted candles give us a feeling of warmth and comfort when we feel burdened.

In taking time to light a candle and pray, you can take the opportunity to reflect and pray in the moment.

A candle can be lit as a prayer for our own internal pain as a request for healing.

You may light a prayer candle for yourself, another person, or for a situation.

At Knock Shrine, we offer you the opportunity to light a candle online from anywhere in the world. For every request we receive, a real candle with be lit at our outdoor candelabra.

Light your Prayer Candle here.