Lorenzo Ferri’s Knock work celebrated in new Italian museum

The story of Knock has been reaching a new audience in a small town just outside Rome, thanks to a new museum opened in honour of the famous Italian sculptor Lorenzo Ferri.

In 1960, Ferri created the beautiful statues which portray the Apparition scene at Knock and which now stand in the glass Apparition Chapel, on the spot where 15 ordinary villagers witnessed something extraordinary 136 years ago.

Now, in the town of Cave, a museum in honour of the sculptor, artist and sindonologist, features the story of Ferri’s Mayo works and his sketches for the Apparition statues.

Ferri had a long association with the town of Cave as he spent a lot of time there when he lived in Rome. When he passed away in 1975, his son donated a number of Ferri’s artworks to the town.

Arch. Alessandro Greco, museum operator, said the Apparition statues at Knock are among “the most significant and well known artworks” celebrated in the museum.

Other well-known works by Ferri include his life-size sculptural reconstructions of the man on the mysterious Shroud of Turin.

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