Meeting Heaven at Harvest

Join us for our special 140th anniversary celebrations on Wednesday, August 21st 2019.


Wednesday, the 21st of August is the 140th anniversary of the Apparition  at Knock. We have a wonderful series of events planned throughout the day to celebrate this milestone in our journey.  At 12 pm, esteemed scholar and historian Nollaig O’ Muraíle and former Chief Steward at Knock Shrine will give an informative talk on ‘ Place , people and the Apparition at Knock’ in St. John’s Rest and Care Centre. During the seminar, a detailed, 3 dimensional model of the village of Knock on the day of the Apparition will be unveiled. The beautiful new processional statue of Our Lady of Knock will be dedicated at the 3 pm Novena ceremony.  The new statue has been commissioned to celebrate 140 years of Ireland’s National Marian Shrine and will be used in all of our daily Rosary processions at the Shrine.

Later in the evening, we look forward to our ‘Witnesses Walk’ at 7 pm when we will remember our parishioners who came out from their homes on that wet August evening 140 years to greet the Holy Family at the gable wall of the parish church. The walk will conclude at the Apparition Chapel at 8 pm – the exact time of the Apparition. The evening ceremony of the National Novena on the 21st of August is always special here at Knock Shrine and we welcome you to join us in the celebrations.