National Novena: 14th – 22nd August

Knock Novena: A Journey in Hope

We are pleased to announce that the National Novena to Our Lady of Knock will take place from Sunday 14th – Monday 22nd August, 2022.


The National Novena to Our Lady of Knock offers nine days of reflection and prayer and a chance to reconnect with your faith in the unique and sacred space of Knock Shrine.


The purpose of the Novena is to recognise the unique role that Knock, as an International Eucharistic and Marian Shrine, has to play in the life of the Irish Church and to honour Our Lady, the Mother of God.


An excerpt from the Knock Shrine Annual of 1978, penned by Father Joseph Quinn, late Monsignor and Rector of Knock Shrine, describes the first Novena in great detail, from the themed days with titles honouring Our Lady to the candlelight procession:


‘In the quiet darkness of those August evenings, thousands of people lighted candles in their hands, followed the processional statue of Our Lady of Knock, in homage and with great dignity and order…the Rosary was recited, hymns were sung and there was time for quiet contemplation.’

Taken from ‘The Public Novena Devotions’ by Father Joseph Quinn, Knock Shrine Annual, 1978.


Ceremonies will take place in the Basilica at 3pm and 8pm over the course of the nine days with guest speakers present during each ceremony. We also look forward to the return of the special candlelight procession, a traditional feature of the Novena at Knock, which takes place following the 8pm ceremony (weather permitting). The full schedule of guest speakers will be announced in due course.


Engaging with the Synod


A unique feature of this year’s Novena will be the ‘Synod Tent’, a space where members of the public will be invited to learn more about the Synod and what it means for all of us. It will also provide an opportunity for people to share their views on the church life, key issues regarding the Synod and allow people to make their own individual contributions to this important topic.


You can view the full Novena program, including the list of guest speakers here.