New Statue of St Joseph at Knock Shrine

“On her right, bowed respectfully towards her, was St. Joseph. He appeared older, his beard and hair were grey and, like Our Lady, he was barefoot.”
Devotion to St. Joseph has always emphasised his role as the protector of the Holy Family and he appears at Knock as a secure gentle presence beside Our Lady, head bowed reverently toward her acknowledging and reminding us of her unique place in the history of the Church.
This morning we bring you a beautiful image of the new statue of St Joseph which has arrived at Knock Shrine. The statue will be placed at St. Joseph’s altar in the Parish Church of St John the Baptist later this year.
The statue was commissioned by Knock Shrine and crafted by Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 Studios and depicts St. Joseph as he was described in the witness accounts of his appearance at Knock on the 21st of August 1879.