Newly Refurbished Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The newly refurbished Blessed Sacrament is open for exposition daily.

The chapel has been carefully upgraded to include a new tabernacle, designed in the Celtic style by Knock Shrine in conjunction with Irish Contract Seating. The chapel has also received new seating for the comfort of pilgrims and a new organ.

It is fitting Knock Shrine should have a special chapel, such as the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, in which to adore Christ, the Lamb of God, as the lamb on the altar was central in the Apparition of 1879. This central element is not to be found in any other recognised Marian Apparition.

The design of the Chapel is unique, appearing to rise up out of the ground and to ascend heavenwards. On the Eastern wall of the chapel, you can see the motif of the alter, lamb and Cross, reminding us of this presence in the Apparition scene.