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The Book Launch of ‘Finding God in the Mess’ by Brendan McManus SJ & Jim Deeds will take place at 4pm on Sat 14 April at the Bookshop, Knock Shrine.

Book LaunchModern lives can be very busy, saturated by technology and media, there isn’t always time for happiness. It is the time out and the ability to look back and understand life events that brings about deeper, more satisfying living. Difficult situations of conflict, stress and worry arise, as do pleasant  situations,  but  there  are  ways  through the challenges. It is essential to believe that there is something positive in everything, that God is in it somewhere, and that we can get  through with help.
These meditations can be used by readers as a daily prayer source, for morning, daytime or evening prayer. They are also ideal for parish groups who might read a reflection and then come together for discussion.

Price: €9.95


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let it be unto me

Let it Be Done Unto Me DVD & Book Set

Filmed on Location in  Knock, Walsingham, Holy Land, Ephesus, Rome, Montserrat & Lourdes.
Inspiring TV-quality exploration of Mary past & present, Ideal for parish & group courses. Easy to use DVD/Download + Course Book.  Book includes discussion questions & prayer reflection guides and five engaging sessions (25 mins) + attractive download posters.
An inspirational five-session course:
Session 1 – Chosen by God
Session 2 – The First Disciple
Session 3 – Mother of All
Session 4 – Queen of Heaven
Session 5 – Help of Christians  plus Bonus Features.
Input from experts such as Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Rev Sandra Miller, Mgr. John Armitage, Dr. Sarah Boss, Fr. Jim McManus, Sr. Catherine Droste and others. Dr. Mary Healy (Detroit Seminary & Pontifical Biblical Commission), and Testimonies from Mary’s Meals, Mothers Prayers & John Pridmore.

Price €22.99


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