Outdoor Sculptural Pieces

Imogen Stuart Holy Water Fonts

Crafted from white Portuguese limestone, the 18 Holy Water fonts by Imogen Stuart each contain a carved relief that depicts scenes from the bible and the lives of the Saints that are connected to water. They are an impressive feature in the area in front of the Apparition Chapel. They encourage us to look more closely at the many times when water is central to the stories of our faith.

Irish Saints by Timothy Schmalz

A series of bronze sculptures by Timothy P Schmalz can be found throughout the landscaped gardens of the Shrine and depict the Irish Saints who spread the word of the Gospel in Ireland and overseas. The figures of Saint Brigid, St. Patrick, St. Kevin and Saint Brendan are represented.  A large Celtic cross bears witness to the faith which has been handed down to us through the generations and includes a depiction of the Knock Apparition.