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Pilgrimage Organisers

Since the first organised pilgrimage came to Knock in 1880, we have welcomed pilgrims from all over the world to this sacred place.

Pilgrimage Season 2021

Pilgrimage Masses take place at Knock Basilica on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, with Rosary at 2.30pm.

As capacity at Knock Basilica is currently restricted to 200 people, in adherence with current COVID-19 guidelines,  we welcome all of our pilgrimage groups to join us online for  ceremonies on the Sunday afternoon of the weekend designated for their annual pilgrimage. The Masses are streamed live on our website.


2021 Pilgrimages

Pilgrimage Services

The pilgrimage season takes place from the last Sunday in April until the second Sunday in October each year and the team at Knock Shrine are always on hand to facilitate pilgrimage organisers in making their day as special as possible.

Our dedicated pilgrimage organiser can be contacted by telephone at (094) 93 88100 or by email at for more details.






Visiting Choirs at Knock Shrine

In adherence with current restrictions, we regret that we are unable to facilitate visiting choirs at Knock Shrine until further notice.



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Visiting Pilgrimage Groups

As capacity is currently limited at Mass at Knock Shrine, in adherence with current COVID-19 guidelines,  please note that it is not possible to reserve places at Mass and there is a queuing system in place for attendance at all Masses is on a first come, first served basis. While we are unable to facilitate private Masses for groups at the moment, visiting priests are welcome to concelebrate Mass, however we advise that arrangements are made with the sacristy in advance. The sacristy can be contacted directly at (094)93 88100.

Please see our guidelines for attending Mass at Knock Shrine here.


For those wishing to join an organised tour group travelling  from the United Kingdom, Knock Pilgrimages is an independent travel business offering a variety of tour options that incorporate quality time at Knock Shrine.





This information is valid until further notice and may be subject to change