Pray For Your Grandparents at Knock Shrine

Granny, Grandad, Nana, Pops ……there are so many different names that we give to some very  special people in our lives, our grandparents. The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is truly unique.

The annual National Grandparents’ Pilgrimage is one of the most special days at Knock Shrine. It is a celebration of the central and important role that grandparents play in passing the Faith to the next generation. It is no coincidence that the Pilgrimage day takes place on the nearest Sunday to the Nativity of Our Lady which occurs on September 8th. Saints Joachim and Anne were the grandparents of Jesus and are role models for all grandparents.

Over the past number of months, many grandchildren and grandparents were separated from each other due to the COVID 19 lockdown. In these unique  and challenging times, we invite grandchildren to send us their own special prayers for their grandparents and they will be placed on the altar and prayed for during the pilgrimage online Mass on Sunday, September 13th 2020.

Every year, grandchildren send their own special prayers for their grandparents to be included in the annual Mass. These emotional prayers give thanks for the special gift that is a grandparent – many remember the special moments that children share with Granny and Grand Dad, others remember those who are now in Heaven but hold a special place in their hearts.


To have your own prayer included in the National Grandparents’ Pilgrimage Mass on September 13th, email us at info@knockshrine.ie

The ceremonies will be streamed live on the Knock Shrine website and on our Facebook page.


The first National Grandparents’ Pilgrimage took place in 2007 and the late Monsignor Joseph Quinn, PP, Knock Shrine composed a prayer for the occasion.

Prayer For Grandparents.

God of the Ages we praise and thank you. From generation to generation You have been our refuge and strength. You give your gifts of grace for every time, place and season as we strive within the family to walk in Your ways and remain close to one another and to you. We pray that our homes may be schools of Faith, where we come to know and to love You. Teach us the Sanctity of human love. Show us the value of family life and help us to respect all life. May the young find in the family strong support for their humanity so that they may grow in truth and love. May the elderly experience respect, support, love and care within the family circle. We give thanks for Grandparents and we pray for them. We give thanks for they connect us with our heritage and our roots through the mists of time. We give thanks for their Christian memory which inspires and enlightens us. We give thanks for the example of their faith, for the witness of their lives, for the constancy of their love, for the support of their prayers.

Bless all Grandparents and keep them in Your care.Bless them with peace, health and healing. Reward them for their Faith and fidelity, for their work and goodness, for their love and thoughtfulness, for their gifts and prayers. Give them a long and happy life together. May old age come to them in the company of family and friends. And when life is over, unite them again, where parting will be no more, in the Kingdom of Your love.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.