Praying the Rosary

In his homily yesterday, Fr. Paul encouraged us to rediscover the  power of the rosary, a prayer that has a venerable tradition and a privileged place in the devotional life of  the Church.  In  many of her appearances, Our Lady has either carried a rosary or asked us to pray it.


As Fr. Paul also reminded us:

In Knock those who saw the Apparition prayed the rosary among themselves, not because she asked them to but because it was a prayer close to their hearts; one that they would have prayed each night on their knees in their simple thatched cottages. I like to think that she has no need to come here with her beads or to ask for her prayer to be prayed; for the rosary was part of the lives of those who saw her, a tribute to them and to our country at that time, where to carry ones beads and to pray them was a part and parcel of everyday life!

During these difficult days we could do nothing better than to dedicate ourselves to praying the rosary or indeed rediscover its value for personal spiritual growth. In its mysteries we contemplate the life of Christ and his mother, doing so we find consolation and strength. The rosary has stood the test of centuries, it has made saints out of sinners, it has even at times changed world history. It has worked miracles before and can do so again.


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