Quiet Reflection In The Chapel Of Reconciliation

Chapel of Reconciliation Mosaic

The Chapel of Reconciliation is beautifully constructed on a low site, which is of symbolic significance as the descent into the chapel recalls the rite of baptism. As one moves into the chapel, the scene becomes brighter and the Crucifixion scene is flooded by a single shaft of natural light, making the Reredos a central focus of light, brightness and hope. The crucifixion scene was sculpted by Sr. Angelica Ballon, who also designed the mosaic. The mosaic was inlaid by hand by artist Rick Lewis. The gold spirals or rays surrounding the Crucifixion represent hope rising from the scene, with the broader theme of the mosaic design focused around that same theme of hope.

Imogen Stuart Beehive Meditation Cell


The beehive meditation cell was created by renowned sculptor Imogen Stuart in 1990. In an increasingly chaotic world, it offers a personal centre for spiritual reflection and renewal. This meditation room is built of cedarwood, an extremely durable timber which was already used in biblical times. Every detail is hand-finished, from the inside and outside walls to the separate items. Traditional wood-joints have been used instead of nails. The door runs on a track and the door-handle is functional as well as decorative. The window and skylight are made of hand-cast glass, the leading in the former being in the shape of the old Irish St Brigid’s Cross.

The meditation cell is now located in the Chapel of Reconciliation and visitors are welcome to experience this quiet, peaceful space.