Recommendations from the Bookshop

If you are seeking some time to reflect and nourish your soul, Knock Shrine offers an expanse of peaceful grounds and quiet, sacred spaces to spiritually uplift.


The Bookshop

The Bookshop at Knock Shrine is a quiet haven where you can browse through a wide selection of spiritual books, journals and unique everyday titles as well as all of the latest new releases and popular books. Our categories include children’s books, saints, prayer and devotion, faith and spirituality, pastoral, Vatican and health and well-being. We also stock seasonal resources for Easter, Advent and Christmas as well as liturgical calendars and diaries. You will also find a special selection of gift items, including bespoke gifts from Knock Shrine.

Here are just some of the latest recommendations.



‘Your Word Is A Light To My Path’ – An Illustrated Prayer Journal

Bible quotes stunningly painted in water colour by Sr Lucy Cahill. Her beautiful calligraphy, interspersed throughout the journal’s pages, will help to enshrine your reflections and make them even more personal and special.

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Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Pain, loss, and confusion can transform into healing and peace when you take the journey with an experienced grief counsellor who experienced this pain first-hand when it struck her own family. Her practical, prayerful meditations address all aspects of grief.

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Daily Wisdom

Proverbs from the Irish language – seanfhocail – hark back to a time when Ireland and its people were predominantly agricultural, poor and Catholic; though centuries old, they are integral to our sense of culture and are rich in wisdom that remains relevant to this day. The book, which includes a seanfhocal for each day of the year alongside commentary and practical exercises for improving vocabulary, covers such wide-ranging topics as: the farming life, nature and weather, food and drink, wealth and poverty, health and happiness, the power of God and the Church, and pastimes and pleasures. An ideal gift for seasoned Irish speakers, as well as those coming to the language for the first time, Daily Wisdom is a perfect introduction to the untold riches of the Irish proverb tradition. Find out more..



Uplifting Thoughts For Every Day

Minute meditations for every day of the year containing a scripture reading, a reflection, and a prayer. Fr. Catoir teaches us that one can eliminate negative thinking, and improve one’s emotional life, by putting on the indomitable will to count one’s blessings and choosing to be happy by filling one’s mind with uplifting thoughts. Find out more..






Discover God Daily: Seven Life-Changing Moments From The Journey Of St. Ignatius

One of the traps in the spiritual life is assuming that things will happen miraculously in one dramatic, unrepeatable moment. The authors illustrate the “slow work of God” (Teilhard de Chardin), an unfolding of God’s plan for our lives over time, as a much more helpful and humanising way to look at faith. Using details from the life of St Ignatius Loyola. The 7 stages of Ignatius’ life that reflect this slow process of growth in the Spirit are:

Lack of awareness and superficial religion (being ‘asleep’: his life as a courtier & soldier); Waking up (his dreams shattered at Pamplona, the painful convalescing at Loyola); Extremes (initial over-enthusiasm of being a pilgrim on the road to Manresa); Eyes Opened (deepening in faith at Montserrat, Manresa & the Cave); Gaining wisdom (beginning again, studying in Barcelona); Gathering a group (spiritual conversations about what to do, deliberations in Venice & Rome) and Embracing leadership (going against his pilgrim instincts to head up the Society in Rome). Find out more..#




Peace Apart: Lasting Impressions of CS Lewis

Peace Apart: Lasting Impressions of C.S. Lewis is a wonderful introduction to or reacquaintance with this outstanding literary and spiritual figure. Bishop Fintan Monahan gently guides us through the life and work of C.S. Lewis, from his childhood in Northern Ireland and his experiences of loss and war at a young age to his years as an academic in Oxford, his time spent with the Inklings and his career as a world-renowned author, touching on all the magic, imagination, loves, losses and great friendships along the way.

In a unique and accessible way, the author explores Lewis’ faith journey and its twists and turns, through which he was transformed from a young man of lost faith to a man of deep faith and an apologist. He also explains why Lewis’ writings, both fiction and spiritual, continue to resonate and inspire today. Find out more..



Trust Your Feelings: Learning how to make choices with Ignatius of Loyola

This book is about discernment, how to look for clues in our innermost experience in order to guide behaviour. Christians believe that a careful reading of our deepest emotions can reveal what God is inviting us to do. The language that God speaks today is that of human experience.

The book opens with a general overview of the practice of discernment. It explains how discernment can be practiced in daily life, and can help in making choices, Then ten different emotionally-charged situations are explored. Finally, the book addresses the question of whether or not discernment is reserved for Christians, and also briefly discusses discernment in a community setting. The book concludes with a reflection on discernment as a way of life. Find out more..





Children’s Books


Pray and Think: Imaginative Rosary Book

Written and illustrated by Candace Camling, illustrator of the award-winning ?My First Interactive Mass Book
Engage children in praying the Rosary and inspire them to love the Blessed Mother with this inviting, imaginative how-to book.

Colorful, reverent pictures and child-friendly explanations for each mystery offer parents and children a chance to grow together in the Faith. Meditation on the mysteries helps young Catholics to think about each mystery (including the Luminous) and interact with the pictures using their imaginations, leading them toward the first steps of meditative prayer.

This hardcover picture book is written by a Catholic mother for Catholic mothers to help teach their children how to experience the beauty of the Rosary and how to pray it. Find out more..



My Catholic Prayers: Touch and Feel Board Book

My Catholic Prayers Touch and Feel is the perfect gift to celebrate a birth or Baptism. This board book will delight little ones with sweet charming illustrations plus traditional and new prayers. Four finishes (embossing, foil, glitter, and flocking) combine to engage their senses. Colorful tabs accentuate the tactile elements found throughout this unique and creative offering. Find out more..




Prayers to My Guardian Angel

Young believers will delight in the colorful and sweet illustrations in this book while finding prayer after prayer to their Guardian Angel–their companion and protector. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading these simple faith-filled prayers to children at any time so they will know how much they are loved by God and by their Guardian Angel. Children who can read will find comfort and consolation in knowing they are being watched over at every moment and are always close to God. Find out more..