School Retreats now available at Knock Shrine

The Youth Ministry at Knock Shrine are delighted to announce that they are once again offering school retreats throughout 2022.


School retreats are available to both primary and secondary schools and offer students a meaningful, spiritually uplifting day to reflect within themselves and experience quality time with their fellow students.


All of our retreats are delivered by a fully qualified and experienced Youth Ministry team in a laid-back, friendly environment. We strive to help students to take that much needed ‘time out’ to explore their relationship with God and gain a positive and memorable experience.


We tailor each day to suit the needs of the teachers and students. A typical retreat day includes workshops on prayer and self-reflection, team building, meditation and testimonies. It includes a tour of the Shrine grounds and a trip the Museum to help deepen the students’ understanding of the uniqueness of Knock. Group activities take place in the safe environment of the Prayer Centre.


These activities offer students the opportunity to bond, to have fun and also again valuable time to reflect and feel the powerful presence of God in their lives.


Group activities take place in a fully ventilated area to ensure a safe environment is maintained with adequate social distancing for groups. We are committed to the safety of students and teachers by complying with the latest government, HSE and Department of Education COVID-19 guidelines.


Retreat programmes are flexible and can be tailored to suit your group’s needs or time limitations.


If you would like to plan a school retreat, please get in touch with a member of our Youth Ministry team who will be happy to assist you.

T: (094) 93 75321    E: