Sunday of the Word of God, 23rd January 2022

On Sunday 23rd January, the Church celebrates the Sunday of the Word of God


Let us open ourselves to the presence of God who, through his Word, wishes to reveal himself to us and dwell in the midst of our lives.

This year will mark the third celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God, which was instituted by Pope Francis on September 30, 2019. The Sunday of the Word of God seeks to highlight the presence of the Lord in the life of men and women. God really walks with us and is present through the Word, inspired by the biblical story of the Disciples of Emmaus who, while on their way, revisit the Scriptures with the Lord, allowing themselves to be taught and enlightened.


What is the Word of God?

We often identify the Bible as the Word of God. This is not wrong, but God speaks to our hearts in many different ways. For instance, he speaks to us in prayer and through our conscience, and often through other people. Hence, the Word of God covers much more than a printed book. Nevertheless, the Bible is the privileged collection of communications between God and his people. These stories and poems have nourished the lives of people right through the centuries, and they continue to nourish us today. They tell the story of God’s love and our salvation from ancient times onwards. The scriptural texts offer us both challenge and encouragement for our lives, and are especially valuable to us through the hope they offer us at dark moments.


The Holy Spirit and the Scriptures

The Holy Spirit was at work in the whole process of the formation of the Scriptures. This is why, even though many people across different times and places contributed to the writing, we believe that the Scriptures are divinely inspired. But the Holy Spirit’s work does not come to an end with the writing of the text. The Holy Spirit, who dwells in us by virtue of our baptism, is also at work in us as we listen to the text. Therefore, through the Spirit’s inspiration, the words of Scripture can become a living Word of the Lord to us here and now.


Additional Resources to support and nourish your faith in celebrating Sunday of the Word of God can be found on the website of the Pontifical Council for New Evangelisation and Catholic Bishops


Mass will be celebrated at Knock Shrine and live-streamed on our website on this day. Please see Sunday Mass times here.