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The Faith Renewal Programme at Knock Shrine offers a variety of day retreats, seminars and music events throughout the year.

Spring/Summer 2024 Programme

Launch of new ‘Creation Walk’ at Knock Shrine


Saturday, May 25th at St. John’s Welcome Centre

10.30am to 3.30pm




This new walk has been inspired by Brian Grogan SJ’s new book ‘Creation walk – the story of a small blue planet.The waymarked pathways are signposted by 30 markers along the route, encouraging us to pause and prayerfully reflect on God’s Creation. On Saturday, May 25th, we will officially launch the walk, along with Brian’s book at St. John’s Welcome Centre.


Guest speakers will be Brian Grogan SJ and Dr Niamh Brennan.

Brian Grogan SJ is a former President of Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin, and is Emeritus Associate Professor of Spirituality. A best-selling author, other titles published with Messenger Publications include ‘Finding God in a leaf’ and ‘ I am infinitely loved’.

Brian is co-founder of the Prayer Centre at Knock Shrine.

Niamh Brennan, PhD, School of Religion (Trinity College, Dublin); MA Culture & Spirituality (Holy Names, Ca.); MA International Development (KDSC) is a writer and educator. For the past ten years she has been engaged in research and teaching in the area of eco-cosmology and the environmental humanities. Her research focuses on what is arguably the most critical issue of our time, the ecological crisis, whose effects are growing in our daily lives and raising concerns about the future of all life.


The Creation Walk begins at Knock Museum car park and meanders through the natural woodland pathways along the grounds at Knock Shrine. These pathways,  that have previously been inaccessible to pilgrims and visitors, offer a quiet space in which to take time to appreciate nature, to listen to birdsong and to take time for personal reflection.


Programme For The Day


10.30am: Welcome and Refreshments

11am to 1pm: Addresses by Guest Speakers and official launch

2.30pm: Explore the new Creation Walk

‘Art as a doorway to mystery’ is the theme for a very special art appreciation day, focusing on how artists have aimed over the centuries to give us a glimpse of the Divine. Taking place at Knock House Hotel on Saturday, June 8th, this promises to be a unique event, drawing together experts from the art world. Fr. Patrick van der Vorst is a Roman Catholic priest for the Diocese of Westminster, London. Patrick was born and raised in Bruges, Belgium. Before being ordained to the priesthood in June 2023, Patrick was a former Director of Sotheby’s Europe and worked 25 years in the art world. He is a specialist in 18th century French furniture. In 2010 Patrick left Sotheby’s to set up his own online art valuation company and appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

He launched the website in the period after having left the art-world and before starting seminary. In his daily reflections, Fr. Patrick combines his knowledge of the arts with the Gospel. The website now has 70,000 daily readers.

Dr. Caroline Campbell is Director of the National Gallery of Ireland and is the first female Director in the Gallery’s 158-year history.  Dr Campbell has spent her career in three leading international art museums as a curator and senior leader. She has held positions at Ashmoleum Museum, the Courtauld Gallery and the National Gallery, London and has worked as Director of Collections and Research at the National Gallery, London.

Dr. Nora Donnelly is an Educator and Art Critic as well as an artist.  She has taught both at Primary and University levels and written extensively about the value of the experience of art to humankind. In the afternoon, Grace Mulqueen, curator at Knock Museum will lead us on a journey through the wide variety of artworks at Knock Shrine, by renowned artists including Harry Clarke, Imogen Stuart, Ger Sweeney, PJ Lynch, Roisin De Buitléir, Lorenzo Ferri and Timothy P Schmalz.

2024 Ignatian Week Retreat


  • The Ignatian Week at Knock has been running successfully since it began in 2016.


  • Ignatian Week 2024 dates: Sun 28 July pm – Sun 04 Aug midday.


  • The theme of the week will focus on Christian Hope

be prepared give an account of the hope that is in you…  (1 Pt. 3:15)


 “God where are you?”…  Finding Hope in our Fragile World


  • The week could serve as a retreat and will include the possibility for spiritual direction.


  • If you are unable to attend for the entire week, you are welcome to come as and when you can.


  • The week will also be livestreamed online.


Details to follow

Retreats and workshops

The Faith Renewal team at Knock Shrine offers a variety of events based on music, family, parish enrichment and spiritual retreats. Retreats and workshops take place throughout the year and encompass a wide range of topics from art workshops, Scripture, Ignatian spirituality and Sacred music.

These events are aimed at adults and include a series of one-day retreats and workshops to encourage prayer, deepening of faith and spiritual rejuvenation. Take timeout for yourself and join us for some days of quiet prayer, reflection and exploration. Parish groups are welcome and booking is recommended.

For bookings and further information, email or telephone 094 93 75 355