Weekly Bereavement Group
Wednesday mornings, 11am

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Support Programmes

The Family Centre

Family is at the heart of life and at the heart of Church. In its varied dimensions, the Family Centre seeks to resource and enhance the lived experience of family today - as well as provide occasions for prayer and mutual support so families can recognise and celebrate God’s abiding presence with them.

The richness of family life

The focus of the Family Centre is on the lived reality of family life as experienced in its varied and sometimes complex dimensions, joyful and sorrowful, life-enhancing and difficult. The approach is to foster a deeper awareness and a fuller understanding of the richness of family life through care programmes, prayer experiences and support networks.

This involves providing training to parents and support groups for those experiencing difficulties, working with individuals and groups in navigating the grieving process and celebrating key moments of family life by providing appropriate liturgies and ceremonies of blessings at Our Lady’s Shrine.