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Wednesday mornings, 11am

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Family is at the heart of life and at the heart of Church. In its varied dimensions, the Family Centre seeks to resource and enhance the lived experience of family today - as well as provide occasions for prayer and mutual support so families can recognise and celebrate God’s abiding presence with them.

Bereavement Care at Knock Shrine


Death is a universal experience, and it knocks on the door of every family at some time. And even though we know that truth, it’s only when death finds a way into our own families, that we understand the difference between death as something echoing in the distance and death as a difficult and lonely experience.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed as we struggle with difficult thoughts and emotions that invariably accompanies the death of someone we love. Often too we long to feel supported and understood as we seek to reach a place of acceptance and peace again in our lives.

Our Bereavement Support Team offers a space that helps the bereaved to find this space. Recovery is never about moving on but rather about how to experience a new found peace and ease with life again.

  • A weekly bereavement support meeting take place every Wednesday at 11.00 am. in the Family Centre. All are welcome.
  • A monthly support meeting for bereaved spouses / partners takes place on the First Thursday of each month at 11.00 am. in the Family Centre. All are welcome.

Our Garden of Remembrance provides a beautiful space to remember your loved ones during your visit to Knock Shrine.

Further information on Bereavement Care at Knock Shrine from the Family Centre on 086-8360269; 094 9375320 or email familycentre@knockshrine.ie

Pictures of Remembrance Garden courtesy of Sinead Mallee.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 3 December

Dear God,

May you watch my sleep as I carry this baby.

May your hand be upon this little life as develops in my womb.

May you fill our hearts with joy, and our bodies with peace.

May we feel you close to us as we sense your amazing creativity at work.

We rest in you.



Our next Blessing for Expectant Mothers will take place on Saturday, 3rd December at 11am in the Basilica.


The richness of family life

The focus of the Family Centre is on the lived reality of family life as experienced in its varied and sometimes complex dimensions, joyful and sorrowful, life-enhancing and difficult. The approach is to foster a deeper awareness and a fuller understanding of the richness of family life through care programmes, prayer experiences and support networks.

This involves providing training to parents and support groups for those experiencing difficulties, working with individuals and groups in navigating the grieving process and celebrating key moments of family life by providing appropriate liturgies and ceremonies of blessings at Our Lady’s Shrine.