Tips for the Season of Creation

During this Season of Creation, we can all look at areas in our lives where we could make small changes that will make a big difference to the earth.


Here are some tips on grocery shopping and household meal planning to help us be more mindful.


  1. Plan carefully when grocery shopping. Create a weekly meal plan and make a list of items you need. Check what you have already in the house to avoid over stocking. Only buy what you know you will use within its ‘best before date’. The average household throws away a quarter of a tonne of food every year.
  2. Buy locally produced food where possible. This reduces the contribution of ‘food miles’ to global warming.
  3. Aim to purchase products in tins or glass jars instead of plastic containers. Reducing the amount of plastic in circulation is beneficial as it takes a huge toll on the environment to produce and recycle it.
  4. Start your own compost bin. If you do not have the outdoor space see if it would be possible to start one with your neighbours.

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