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Tuesday Scripture Reflections

Exploring the Word of God through Prayer

Scripture Reflections


A series of online scripture reflections
8pm each Tuesday night at


Every Tuesday night at 8pm Knock Shrine will show a series of online night prayer with reflections on scripture. Students from St Louis Community School Kiltimagh will deliver this series of talks inspired by Scripture.

These young people will take their favourite passage of Scripture, something that speaks to them and reflect on it through video, providing their own written narrative and imagery. We are inviting people to join us for these online talks, to end the day in a prayerful and peaceful way and to enjoy a quiet time of reflection through various aspects of Scripture.

The first reflection on Tuesday 26 January is focused on the Beatitudes. Pope Francis has referred to the Beatitudes as a ‘Christians ID card’, “They contain the ‘identity card’ of a Christian because they outline the face of Jesus himself; his way of life.”

The Beatitudes give us a model of happiness, that in today’s world may seem in complete contrast to what is often communicated in the media.

You can join us for this new series beginning Tuesday 26 January at 8pm, on our watch page.