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Planning your visit to Knock? See information on opening hours, mobility assistance, group tours and more

Knock Shrine is Open to the Public All Year Round Main Pilgrimage Season (Last Sunday in April until the Second Sunday in October)

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Opening Hours

All Knock Shrine Mass Offices
Jan- August: 9am-6pm daily
August 9am- 7:30pm
Extended opening hours during the National Novena 14th– 22nd August: Open Daily: 9.00 am-8.30 pm & 9.30pm-11.00pm
Bookshop OPEN DAILY 9am-6pm Daily
Extended opening hours for the National Novena  14th– 22nd
August: 9am-8.30pm & 8.30pm-
Knock Museum OPEN DAILY 9.00 am-6.00 pm
Café Le Chéile OPEN DAILY 
Winter Hours: 10am-5pm daily
Extended opening hours for the National Novena 14th-22nd August
10am-6pm (During the Pilgrimage Season)
14th– 22nd August: 10am-7pm
Witness to Hope Information Centre OPEN DAILY 9am-5pm daily (Summer)
(Winter) Monday -Friday 9am-5pm
Saturdays & Sundays 11am-4pm
St. Johns Rest & Day Care Centre OPEN DAILY 10am-5pm
Youth Ministry/The HUB OPEN DAILY (Winter) Monday – Friday: 10am-5pm
(Summer) Wednesday – Sunday 10am-5pm
Prayer Guidance Centre Open during the Pilgrimage Season Only
From the first Monday in May until the Second Sunday in October)
 Open Daily: 11am- 9pm
(Closed for lunch and teatime)
Winter: Closed
Parish Church & Apparition Chapel (Shrine) OPEN DAILY Pilgrimage Season: 7am- 9pm
Winter Season: 8am- 9pm
Knock Basilica Open Daily 8am – 9pm
Extended opening hours for the National Novena
Blessed Sacrament Chapel OPEN DAILY 11am – 6pm
Knock Counselling Centre OPEN DAILY 9.30am – 5.30pm
Extended Opening on Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 9.30am- 8pm 
Confessional Chapel Open Daily 11am-5pm (Summer) 11am-4pm (Winter)
Limerick Office & Shop 9.30 to 5.20
Monday – Saturday

If you are planning a visit to Knock, please see further information on available facilities and information to help you plan your day. For further assistance, please get in touch by email: or call (094) 93 88100



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