Welcome to Knock Shrine

Welcome to Knock! Here in this special place, we pray with you and for you. Knock has always been a place of welcome, sanctuary and sacredness, for people to join together in prayer and worship. As both a Marian and Eucharistic Shrine, Knock is a unique and special place. Its role as Ireland’s National Shrine makes it a symbol of unity, family and togetherness. It is with great honour that we continue to welcome pilgrims and visitors here every year and share with them a great sense of peace and comfort.

Pilgrimage is a sacred and ancient tradition in Ireland. By leaving ordinary life behind, pilgrims gain time and space for reflection. They join others in a quest to experience the presence of God. They grow in awareness that, on life’s journey, there are no strangers only fellow pilgrims. When you cross the threshold, we welcome you to join us in this journey. We trust that you will leave this sacred place refreshed in faith and renewed in spirit.

Fr. Richard Gibbons, PP
Rector, Knock Shrine

On behalf of the entire team at Knock, I would like to welcome you to Ireland’s National Marian Shrine. Each year we welcome over a million pilgrims and visitors from all across the world who come to reflect and pray in our uniquely peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

Everyone has their own reason for making the journey to Knock, however long or short. For some, it evokes childhood memories of family visits and a closeness to loved ones. No matter what the reason, we trust that you will leave Knock feeling refreshed and renewed.

All the Staff and Volunteers at Knock Shrine strive to ensure that you feel very welcome and to offer you a friendly and memorable experience.

Please explore our website to check out key places to visit and upcoming events at Knock Shrine.

John Conroy,
Shrine Manager