While away the Autumn hours at Knock Shrine

Autumn is the ideal time to take a step back from life and slow your pace for the coming of winter.


If you are seeking some time to reflect and nourish your soul, Knock Shrine offers an expanse of peaceful grounds and quiet, sacred spaces to spiritually uplift.


The Bookshop

The Bookshop at Knock Shrine is a quiet haven where you can browse through a wide selection of spiritual books, journals and unique everyday titles as well as all of the latest new releases and popular books. Our categories include children’s books, saints, prayer and devotion, faith and spirituality, pastoral, Vatican and health and well-being. We also stock seasonal resources for Easter, Advent and Christmas as well as liturgical calendars and diaries. You will also find a special selection of gift items, including bespoke gifts from Knock Shrine.



Knock Museum

The museum is the perfect place to begin your day at Knock.

Discover the fascinating story of Knock, hear personal stories of faith and much more. The current collection sets the scene in the context of rural life in 19th century Ireland while following the development of the Shrine from that point. Look out for the amazing three-dimensional Knock village model, which depicts the area exactly as it was on the evening of the Apparition. The incredible miniature details provide great insights into the historical and social context of the time.

Audio guides are available in seven languages and admission is free.



Sacrament of Reconciliation

Central to the Apparition at Knock is the Lamb upon the altar,  “The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

The Shrine at Knock is above all else a place of healing where countless pilgrims have encountered the compassion and mercy of God. Unburdened of sin and strengthened in faith and hope, they continue on their pilgrim journey renewed in their relationship with God and their brothers and sisters.

As you prepare for your personal encounter with the Lord, remember that this Sacrament is a celebration of God’s love and mercy.

The Chapel of Reconciliation is open daily from 11am to 3pm.



Time to Pray

Knock Shrine is a place where culture and faith align in a most profound way

When people come to Knock, they leave ordinary life behind and gain time and space for reflection. The Apparition Chapel at the heart of the Shrine, offers a quiet, peaceful space for prayer and contemplation. It is somewhere people can become tuned into God wherever they are on their faith journey. Take time for quiet prayer and to reflect on the Apparition scene and its unique and powerful silence. You can also attend Mass which takes place daily at Knock Shrine. See daily Mass times.




Pathways, to Wander and Contemplate

Every season at Knock Shrine brings something new and wonderful. Autumn is a time of spectacular natural beauty and a quietened and peaceful atmosphere.
The display of autumn colours from the many mature trees which adorn the Shrine grounds offer a serene and calming backdrop. Take one of the many meandering pathways to walk or rest for a while at one of the new outdoor seating spots. Take some time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with God about what you are thinking and feeling today. Allow yourself to receive God’s response to you – words of healing, of peace and of consolation.

You can also take a audio-guided tour of Knock Shrine.



Reflect on Beautiful Artworks

Knock Shrine is home to an amazing collection of artworks. The magnificent Apparition Mosaic at Knock Basilica is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Designed by renowned Irish illustrator PJ Lynch and specially crafted in Italy,  the Mosaic is comprised of over one million tiny mosaic pieces.

The newly refurbished interior of the Basilica is both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually uplifting. Large oil paintings by artist Ger Sweeney depict the Stations of the Cross in dramatic colour and realism, bringing to life the final journey of Christ.

In the Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist, you will find an impressive collection of stained glass windows including examples from the renowned Harry Clarke studios, Sarah Purser and Patricia Plunkett. The outdoor Holy Water Fonts were designed and sculpted by Imogen Stuart and contain a carved relief that depicts scenes from the bible and the lives of the Saints that are connected to water. They are an impressive feature in the area in front of the Apparition Chapel.

The entrance halls to the Basilica are glazed with stunning painted glass scenes by Róisín de Buitléar on the theme of Pilgrimage. They represent both the physical and spiritual journey of pilgrims to Knock.



Finish your day at at Café Le Chéile

Café Le Chéile is an ideal place for visitors to pause and enjoy a range of delicious meals and snacks while taking in the beautiful views of Knock Shrine. ‘Le Chéile’ is the Irish term for ‘together’ and  ‘Café Le Chéile’ is the perfect meeting place for people to come together and enjoy delicious freshly-prepared food.

The café is located at the award winning Knock Museum and enjoys stunning views of Knock Basilica and the pretty gardens at Knock Shrine. Ample parking is available at the car park adjacent to the museum.

The café is open daily from 10am to 6pm. For bookings, contact 094 93 75350.