Talk on ‘Finding Inner Peace’

The Family Centre at Knock Shrine is to host a talk on Finding Inner Peace and being better equipped to adjust to changes in life’s circumstances, next Wednesday morning, December 16, at 11am.

The centre hosts a bereavement support group each Wednesday and Mary Trench, who works on a programme called Vision, will attend the group to deliver the talk.

The Vision programme is based on the concept of living well in the present moment. It aims to help people to replace their feelings of fear and anxiety with peace and contentment.

Not confined to grief, the talk is open to all and may help people to make their time with family and friends over Christmas more meaningful and relaxed.

The talk takes place on Wednesday, December 16, at 11am in the Family Centre at Knock Shrine.

For further information, please contact (094) 9375320 or see The Family Centre online.